When producers have a brief but don’t have time to search the website for directors, they input a brief to our system.

Briefs are instantly emailed to all our directors, even if some might not be relevant to you - they may specify they need a director who is based outside your region or has experience that you do not. We carried out research amongst directors and they told us they would like to see all briefs, even ones that they couldn’t submit reels for, so they can keep abreast of the wider market.

Submitting your work:

You will be invited to submit a shortlist of clips from your profile page. Where producers have specified that they want to only see clips of a particular genres, such as cars, table top etc.
You will only be able to submit clips that we have categorised in those genres. This ensures producers only see work they are interested in for their current project.

When not to submit work:

If your work meets the genre criteria but doesn’t meet some other aspect of the brief, you should not submit your work. If producers keep receiving what they consider to be irrelevant work, they have the option to stop briefing you, so please be selective.

And finally on briefing:

You will receive an email confirming that your shortlist has been submitted directly to the producer but, as is typical with any briefing process, you are only likely to hear back if you have been shortlisted.

Getting the most from your membership

You can place as much of your work as you like within your account. You can hide clips from your public profile but still add these clips to shortlists and share them with producers, effectively creating bespoke showreels of your work. Producers do not have to be registered users of to see your shortlists.
Creating your own shortlist (a bespoke showreel):

  • Access your profile
  • Select the clips for your shortlist & create the shortlist link to email to your contacts
  • Your shortlist is saved in your dashboard

Access to an agent whenever you need one

Producers would sometimes rather deal with an agent than directly with a director. If you don’t have an agent, we have a sister UK company that will offer to act as your agent for one-off jobs, even if the job didn’t originate from
We are adding a network of agents around the world to provide the same facility globally

Extended social media exposure

Got work you want to shout about? Give us a good story and we will promote on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter