Information for production companies, reps and agents representing Directors

Our Aim

As the home of independent freelance Directors, we give freelance Directors, and their agents or reps, if they have one, a platform to be seen by producers, ad agencies etc.

It's not practical for a single agent to represent and handle the interests of hundreds of Directors so we believe our aggregation of directing talent from many sources suits all parties - hundreds of Directors and thousands of producers/ad agencies seem to agree with us and are using the site.

Use our Directors to fulfil your brief

If a brief comes into your company that you cannot satisfy from your current roster of Directors, you are free to approach any of the unrepresented Directors on to establish whether they might be prepared to be put forward, by you, for the job on agency-basis terms (why wouldn't they!)

Agent/Reps - Promote your own Directors

As an agent or rep we also invite you to promote your Directors on

Production company Directors

Production companies are welcome to promote their Directors who are available on a loan-out basis either locally or only outside of their territory.

How it works for you when Directors you represent appear on

When you are listed as the point of contact you will be approached directly by producers enquiring about your Directors and you will also receive briefs emailed from us when we are asked by producers/ad agencies to provide them with a list of Directors, through our Email your brief service. They use this when they need Directors who can't be identified from the website - they may need to know specific date availability, willingness to work for a particular budget, unusual experience etc. takes no commission on any work generated for your Directors.

International is used by producers from all over the world. If you represent a Director in limited territories this can be specified on the Director's contact details. A Director can feature up to 5 contact points for different regions. If a Director is not available in a particular territory, due to the existence of exclusivity arrangements for example, this can also be specified.

Membership costs membership is just $49 per month. We find that some choose to pass the cost on to the Director and others will ask the Directors to pay us directly for their membership.

Discounts are available if you are registering 5 or more Directors with us.